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On Sunday, Rev. Andrea McMillin. Canon to the Ordinary, visited us. She met with the congregation at each service and gave a presentation entitled: "St. Patrick's Kenwood - Casting a Vision + Embracing Change + Discerning Leadership." For those of you who may have missed it, we include her updated message reflecting questions she received below. Please become familiar with it as it sets in motion the "Way Forward" for our church. We welcome her help, her guidance and her Christian care for our church during this time of discernment and change. Please speak with a Vestry member for any questions you may have. Ann Peters, Jr. Warden, and Lara Daly, Vestry member, among others, will be on hand at coffee hour. Much to do, but together we will forge an ever stronger bond with Christ to deliver our church's mission for years to come.

God Bless, Russ Engle

St. Patrick’s Kenwood Casting a Vision + Embracing Change + Discerning Leadership After the last rector search process, Bishop Barry, the Vestry, and Rev. Jen as Interim Rector, all worked together in deliberate, thoughtful, discernment and Rev. Jen was appointed by Bishop Barry to be the Priest in Charge for St. Patrick’s. After several years in transition, it is now time for St. Patrick’s to discern a call for your clergy leadership and to elect a Rector. What are the primary decisions that go into this? While it may be easy to think this is all about who will be the Rector, and what that person will do for you, it is really more about your call and your mission as a Christian Community. We then articulate the leadership of everyone together as you answer God’s call to mission in this place. OUR CALL FROM GOD: Bishop Barry, your Vestry, and Rev. Jen all agree: We want to take a few months to look back, to look inward, and to look forward and articulate the mission that you feel called to in Kenwood and other areas nearby. The result will be our ‘map’ for ministry – and our Profile for leadership needs, both by the laity and by clergy who are associated with this parish. Issuing a Call: In Dec 2016 – Jan 2017: we will post this position and begin receiving names for your Rector position. Discerning Leadership: Feb-Mar-Apr 2017: An Applicant Review Committee (appointed by the Vestry) will screen and interview candidates. Electing a Rector: April-May-June 2017: The ARC will give names to the Vestry, who will interview and then elect the next Rector. Some questions that have come up: Why can’t we just elect Rev. Jen as our Rector? In your previous call process, Rev. Jen served as your Interim Rector. She has graciously continued as Priest in Charge during this time of interim, and has the full support of the vestry, Bishop Barry, and Canon Andrea in her ministry thus far. In our diocese, we do not create a path where an Interim Rector can directly become a Rector – even through a time as Priest in Charge. It is believed that this can truncate a call process and there is a need to pause at this point to reflect on the mission of the church, and the leadership needed both by you and your clergy. Bishop Barry, Rev. Jen, and your Vestry have all discussed this and agree that in order to have a healthy discernment process, you need time to look at your mission and ministry, and not to make this about a particular person. Rev. Jen is eligible to apply for the position, should she feel so called. Why do we need to create a profile? We want you to use the profile from 2013 and update it. However, the process of considering carefully the future of your church is critical in the call process. We want this to be focused on your mission, not on the particular persons who are called into leadership (either clergy or laity.) Why can’t the congregation interview the candidates? In our church, we have representative governance. The congregation elects the Vestry, and the Vestry elects the Rector. The congregation has input during the profile process in articulating the mission of this church and the leadership skills needed by all of us, including the Rector, as we share in the ministry. The Applicant Review Committee (ARC) is made up of members of the congregation, plus one or two Vestry members. The candidates are interviewed by the ARC and then a short list is given to the Vestry, who then interviews and elects one candidate to become the Rector. The Bishop then confirms the election. Can we use our old profile? We will review the 2013 profile and use what is relevant, updating the rest of it. We will articulate specific goals and an understanding of our mission and purpose as a church. What if the process takes longer than scheduled? No problem - we will extend Rev. Jen’s contract as needed. Remember that the main focus is on mission –

What is our mission in this place at this time? What is God calling us to? What leadership is called for by each of us: the laity, the deacons, and the priests associated with this church, and also what skills and leadership should rightly be held by our Rector? St. Patrick’s, Kenwood, Transition process notes from Canon Andrea McMillin 10/13/2016

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