Special Thank You from Bobbiejo Maggard

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to give a special thank you to each of you who joined in the celebration of the baby shower on March 8th. We especially wanted to thank Sandy Keith and Betsy Randolph who really outdid themselves for this special event! It was a beautiful time for my husband Jason and myself. We are so grateful and blessed to have such wonderful people like yourselves to welcome our son or daughter into this world. The love we felt was undescibable and let’s just say we haven’t felt that special since our wedding day! We thank each of you for the outstanding gifts you contributed to as well as the other thoughtful gifts. Each gift was special and from your heart. We will always cherish the handmade gifts for our wonderful baby and look forward to using everything! The food was absolutely amazing and very delicious, Betsy is right, you all are wonderful cooks! Thank you! Thank you to everyone who helped set up and decorated as well with the cleanup. There is much involved in putting on a party and everything was just amazing and perfect!

Much love to All of You and many blessings!

With great love, Jason and Bobbiejo Maggard