Senior Warden’s Letter April 2017

Senior Warden’s Letter
By Ann Peters

There is so much happening at St. Patrick’s. Here are some highlights:

Our Easter services were joyful and well-attended. Special thanks to Barbara Klingbeil and the members of the Altar and Flower Guilds. The church looked beautiful with a profusion of lilies and bright spring flowers. Remember that Easter lasts 50 days, so you can still experience all the beauty and celebration of the season. Thank you, Diane Melder, choir, and musicians for your beautiful and moving hymns and solos. I can’t remember when we had a bagpiper at an Easter service before. As Rev. Jen said, it really woke us up! Thanks to trumpeter Peter Estabrook as well. It was inspiring.

The Kenwood Farmers Market is coming back to St. Patrick’s for the summer. It will run on Sundays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., from June 4 to Sept. 24. This is one hour earlier than last year’s market. Thanks to Junior Warden Andy Robart for spearheading the negotiations with Kelly Smith from the farmers market. On a side note, Kelly loved being in Kenwood last year so much that she moved here!

Bob Wohlsen is the new chair of the Stewardship committee, and on behalf of the Vestry, I would like to thank him for taking on this crucial role. Our finances are dependent on your pledges and we’re grateful to all of you, not only for pledging, but for following through with payments. Let us all continue to show our love for this church with our time, talent and treasure.

The newly formed Engagement and Growth Committee has been calling parishioners to find out what people want and need from St. Patrick’s. If you haven’t been called yet, you will be soon. The committee is working very hard and we thank them. One of the most frequent requests is for more fellowship opportunities, and if there’s one thing we can do at St. Patrick’s, it’s get together for food and fellowship!

Which brings me to welcoming. Please reach out to visitors and new people. We are known for our warmth and welcoming here at St. Patrick’s. If someone you don’t know is sitting nearby, why not introduce yourself? The Peace is a perfect time for a quick hello.

We will be having a Newcomers’ Dinner on June 3, so if you are new to St. Patrick’s in the last two years, please join in. The Stewardship and Welcoming committees will be identifying “new” people, but please feel free to let us know if you’d like to be included. The dinner will be at my house here in Kenwood, and as far as I’m concerned, the more the merrier!

Update on Call Process

Finally, we submitted our Parish Profile to the Bishop’s office on April 18. Once the Bishop approves it, the position will be posted on the Diocese’s website, and we will also share the profile with all of you. In case you are unfamiliar, we are in the process of calling a permanent rector to St. Patrick’s. Our Priest-in-charge Jen+ can apply for the position if she chooses to do so. This is a Diocesan-directed process, and we are following the necessary steps that will lead us to our end goal of identifying the next rector of St. Patrick’s.

Once applications have been received, the Applicant Review Committee (ARC) will begin the work of screening them. This is a process that requires prayer, discernment, and a lot of work, including Skype interviews and traveling to visit candidates. When their work is done, the ARC will present three or four finalists to the vestry, who will do their own interviews, etc., and then make the decision on who to call. The work of the ARC is completely confidential, so please don’t ask anyone any questions. They will not be able to tell you how many applicants there are, where they come from, if they are male or female… anything. We are many months away from identifying and calling a permanent rector, and we ask you to have faith in the ARC and Vestry, and to please pray for everyone involved.

We will keep you informed of all milestones along the way.

In the meantime, Happy Easter!

Peace and love,