Christian and Adult Education






Celebrating Families

September / October

Classes take place at 9:00 a.m. in the Common Room

Sept 24  Stephanie Chapralis-McCaffrey will present, "The Piety of Icons in the Greek Tradition" along with a look at Stephanie's personal "traveling" icons, some stories, and the Evil Eye.

Oct 1  Bob Wohlsen will present a class on the history of stewardship in the Church (and at St. Patrick’s).

Oct 8   Alicia Wray will present a class on the history and practice of centering prayer.

Oct 15  Peter Banks will present the first of two seminars on terrestrial climate change.

Oct 22  Peter Banks will present the second of two seminars on terrestrial climate change.

Oct 29  Bob Wohlsen and Miriam Casey will present a class on the Protestant Reformation as it developed in England and on the continent, particularly in Germany.



Celebrating Families is the second Saturday evening of every month, starting at 5 p.m. This event combines a family friendly worship and a simple religious lesson and craft activity. The whole thing is followed by a free homemade meal, games and playtime.

In the past year we have made care packages for Sonoma County's less fortunate, created gratitude banners, and translated the 10 commandments into more modern parlance, among other things. Each month there is a different kind of cuisine. Menus have included Brazilian, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and American foods. Grandparents, kids and parents all join the fun for a nice Saturday evening of togetherness.

Upcoming dates: Oct 14 and Nov 10