Director of Music Ministry


Saint Patrick’s Episcopal Church in the Vineyards, in Kenwood, CA seeks a part time Director of Music Ministry (DMM) to provide choral, vocal, and instrumental music for parish worship, sacramental occasions, parish events, and concerts, and to assist the Priest in Charge in liturgical planning, education, and execution. We are a community church with approximately 200 members, nestled in the vineyards of the beautiful Valley of the Moon in Sonoma County.


St. Patrick’s mission is to be “A Beacon of Light, Love and Compassion within Our Community.”

We are an essential part of our members' lives providing joyful worship, a warm and welcoming environment for multi-generational and multi-cultural families, and spiritual formation, with a focus on community service and fellowship. We celebrate the joy of music, value quality and variety, and consider music a vital part of our ministry.




The Director of Music Ministry is responsible for planning and conducting a Sunday 10:30 Rite I or II service with choir and providing leadership for a 9:00 AM contemporary family service with piano and guitar accompaniment.  Choir rehearsals for the 10:30 service are held on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 until 9:00 PM, scheduling can be changed in conversation with the singers.  This position carries with it the potential for an expanded and creative musical repertoire in all services.


This position requires approximately 15-18 hours a week, and includes a yearly review with the Priest in Charge. Competitive compensation will be established considering the applicant’s qualifications and experience. Applicants should send their resume along with compensation expectations to: St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 9000 Sonoma Hwy., Kenwood, California 95452, or electronically to YouTube links or MP3 files are welcome.


The selected candidate will help St. Patrick’s fulfill its vision of creating a celebratory worship experience, enriched by congregational and choral music.  The DMM is a key participant in our worship experience and a full participant in the parish’s outreach efforts. The DMM should elevate individual and congregational engagement, making our worship a full musical experience. We want to experience the Holy Spirit in our singing and choir performances with engagement in broad range of repertoire for all.




As the parish principal musician, the DMM coordinates all music provided for worship services, special sacramental occasions, and parish events or concerts. We hold three Sunday services at 8:00, 9:00 and 10:30, as well as special services such as family evening services. The 8:00 service is currently without music, the 9:00 service is a contemporary family service with piano and acoustic guitar played by volunteers and local musicians, and the 10:30 service is traditional organ and choir. In summer the 8:00 and 9:00 services are combined at 8:30 and the 10:30 service is moved to 10:00.


The DMM provides organ music and directs choir at all regularly scheduled 10:30 Sunday services as well as for major holidays and feast days including Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, and Easter and any other services throughout the church calendar. The DMM generally does not perform for the 9:00AM service, but we would like the DMM to provide leadership and inspiration for these services.


The DMM plans and selects appropriate music for the 9:00 and 10:30 services in collaboration with the Priest in Charge and lay volunteers. The DMM should consider alternatives that enrich the ministry and provide inspiration at all services, including other formats and instrumentation to inspire energetic community and praise. This is a leadership position and works closely with designated Vestry members to periodically evaluate the musical offerings in each service to ensure that St. Patrick’s standards for its music program are continuously met.


The DMM coordinates volunteers or hires substitute musicians for vacation or services scheduled when the DMM is unavailable. The DMM conducts weekly rehearsals with the choir and volunteers. The choir ceases regular practice during the summer, resuming in mid-August.


The DMM provides music for funerals on the premises if the funeral is during the DMM’s work week or the DMM is otherwise available at the time of the funeral.


The DMM provides music at all weddings requiring organ music within the church. Other organists may be used with the permission of the DMM. The DMM receives an agreed-upon fee for a short program of music preceding wedding ceremonies and during the ceremony. If the DMM does not play per the request of the wedding party, he/she receives the normal fee. Additional payment is made if special music, or rehearsal with additional musicians is needed.


If the DMM is not available for a wedding or funeral, he/she assists in the hiring of a substitute.


The DMM obtains all necessary permissions and authorizations prior to reproductions of copyrighted materials and does not engage in the unauthorized duplication by any means. This includes securing rights and preparing music published in the bulletin, for performance by the choir and congregation, on organ and piano or other instruments.


The DMM has a fiduciary responsibility for the musical resources of the parish including:

  • Responsibility for the selection and purchase of all music and music supplies

  • Maintenance of the music library in an orderly fashion

  • Maintenance of the required copies of musical pieces to enable choir performance

  • Upkeep and maintenance of all parish instruments

  • Hiring of instrumental and vocal soloists or coordinating the contributions of volunteers


As part of the leadership team the DMM represents St. Patrick’s music ministry to the congregation; to the Vestry; to St. Patrick’s other ministries, and to the surrounding community. The DMM is responsible for recruiting choir membership, strengthening and developing choir repertoire and musicality, and attending periodic staff meetings.




The DMM reports to the Priest in Charge, and works collaboratively with staff and lay leadership, but with freedom to oversee music programs according to strengths and interests. In collaboration with the Priest in Charge the DMM will develop mutually agreeable job performance standards for all duties. Employees of St. Patrick’s participate in an annual ministry review in conjunction with a Vestry review of parish vitality.


Time and Compensation: 15-18 hours/wk. position with competitive compensation commensurate with experience. Weddings and funerals are compensated by fee schedule.




Applicants should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music or equivalent and at least five year’s of experience leading congregational music. Experience with Episcopal Church liturgy and tradition is strongly preferred. In particular, we would prefer familiarity with the Episcopal Church choral resources, including the BCP liturgy, the 1982 Hymnal, “Wonder Love and Praise” and “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” We seek a skilled musician with expertise in organ and piano, and choral conducting. We seek an appreciation of the function of music in liturgy, and the ability to adapt and improvise as needed in all liturgical contexts. An individual with a range of experience with musical styles and genres is preferred as well as flexibility and willingness to learn and lead new styles.


An ability to work effectively with other people is essential, as are skill and joy in leading fellow musicians and non-professionals in singing and music-making. Candidates should think creatively about the role of music in shaping Christian practice, and be excited about the depth of Episcopal liturgical tradition as well as about exploring new ideas for musical programs other than Sunday morning choir.




  • Experienced adult choir (currently 8 members)

  • Allen MDS-36 2-manual with standard and alternate voicing, classic and solo voice samples, MIDI-Expander and MIDI-controller options, and zimbelstern. Specifications can be found at this link.

  • Kawaii 6-foot grand

  • Baldwin 46-in console

  • Baldwin Acrosonic spinet

  • Handbell choir