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Here at St. Patrick’s, we believe that Stewardship begins with “Welcome” extended to all. Then, helping to further our mission by contributing time and talent as a volunteer in one of the many areas that make our church work. Finally, pledging where we demonstrate our commitment to St. Patrick’s through regular contributions.

Welcoming: We seek to provide a welcoming environment for all. We greet everyone each Sunday, especially the new and recent visitors. New visitors are acknowledged during the service and offered a ‘Welcome Bag’ filled with bread, wine, and information about our mission. Periodically, we hold a ‘Newcomers Dinner’ where they, along with other members, meet in a home setting, with an opportunity to join in fellowship beyond the church setting.

Time and Talent: We hope that your experience at St. Patrick’s will warrant sharing some of your time and talent on the church’s behalf. We honor those volunteers for their service efforts to St. Patrick’s. Recently we honored the members of three important Guilds: The Altar Guild, The Flower Guild and the Bread Bakers’ Guild.

Pledging: Our church budget runs on annual pledges. If you should find that the work of our church is meaningful, we hope that you would contribute so that we might continue our efforts on your behalf. As with all organizations, the ‘lights must be kept on.’ Far more, the Spiritual Light needs to glow. Our vision for St. Patrick’s Church is: "We are a beacon of light, love and compassion within our community as we support each other in our lives in Christ."

The fruits of our annual Stewardship Campaign go well beyond our church. An important portion is designated for Outreach activities. Whether the Redwood Empire Food Bank, the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home, or the many other organizations we contribute to, we believe that extending a helping hand to those in need is a clear and vital part of God’s work. Outreach is a critical part of delivering on our vision.

So, amidst the turmoil of your daily life, should you be passing through the Wine Country in Kenwood on a Sunday,please stop in so that we can bid you “Welcome!”

Spiritually uplifting music is at the heart of a meaningful worship experience. The Music Committee at St. Patrick’s is charged with ensuring that our music reflects and enhances our worship. Music is an integral part of a contemporary/acoustic service at 9 a.m. and the more traditional service at 10:30 a.m. Our aim, as a committee, is to improve the musical offerings at both services, as well as to ensure expansion of our choir membership and its vocal capabilities.

Another focus of the committee has been expanding the depth and breadth of our contemporary service musical offerings. For this worship, we utilize a combination of hymns, Cursillo, gospel and contemporary musical selections, which are reflective of the lessons for the day. Our volunteer musicians for this service are guitarists with varying levels of experience alternating with piano played by our current interim organist. We are actively seeking additional musicians to enhance our worship at this service.

St Patrick’s hosts the community for a Jazz Mass and an annual picnic in late August. This is a lively service with a Dixieland motif. Because of a generous grant from the Flournoy family, the Music Committee is able to hire professional local musicians. Another acclaimed musical focus is our Guitar Mass, which also occurs annually. All volunteers, many of these guitarists are members of the local Cursillo. We are anticipating expansion of these and other types of musical worship over the coming years, especially now that we have filled the permanent Director of Music position.

22 Years of



Evangelism and reaching Out Activities


.The mission of St. Patrick’s Outreach Committee is to allocate resources for those in need targeted to the local community, as well as to support national and international crises situations. “Those in need” is defined as basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, as well as social and medical support.

Giving of our time and talent are just some of the ways we at St. Patrick’s practice Outreach in our community. Below are some highlights.

SAY (Social Advocates for Youth)
Welcome Baskets for young adults aging out of the Foster Care System and/or homeless situations, who were moving into SAY’s Dream Center. Items were donated by parishioners and delivered by Outreach Committee members.
Canine Companions National Headquarters
Lunch for graduating students and their companion dogs was prepared and served by members of the Outreach Committee.
For many years, St. Patrick’s has had a giving relationship with two food pantries in Sonoma County, FISH of Sonoma and FISH of Santa Rosa. FISH stands for Friends in Service Helping. Parishioners bring in non perishable food items that are delivered to the pantries to dispense to those in need who are hungry. 
For the past two years members of the congregation have volunteered every third Thursday of the month to work at the F.I.S.H. of Santa Rosa. Tasks include answering the phone and verifying client information, bagging groceries and finally, greeting clients and handing out the bags of groceries to very grateful families and individuals.
In addition, there are several members of the Outreach Committee who have been volunteering at F.I.S.H. of Santa Rosa for a number of years. Added to the physical contribution of volunteers and food, St. Patrick’s donates a portion of the annual Outreach budget to both Sonoma and Santa Rosa pantries.

Secret Santa and St. Patrick’s teamed up through the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County to grant special Christmas wishes for 75 individuals, both young and old, this past December. The generosity of St. Patrick’s is so special. What a wonderful, caring, loving and generous congregation. Plans are in place for Secret Santa 2016.

Open Table Ministry White Socks Drive for Church of the Incarnation. 
The rains come down and our blue barrel in Stevenson Hall starts to overflow with new white socks for the homeless that are fed every Sunday morning at the Church of the Incarnation in downtown Santa Rosa. A warm meal prepared by Incarnation’s volunteers and warm clean socks donated by St. Patrick’s. Community building for sure.
Below are examples of yearly recipients of St. Patrick’s Outreach Committee allocations. Allocations vary depending on our budget and the needs that are brought to our quarterly meetings by members and others in the parish.

Redwood Empire Food Bank
FISH Sonoma
FISH Santa Rosa
Sonoma Overnight Support
– Temporary housing for homeless
The Living Room – Women and Children’s day care facility
Meals on Wheels – Council on Aging Sonoma County
SAY – Social Advocates for Youth
Habitat for Humanity – Rebuilding homes for Sonoma County
YWCA – Abused women’s and children shelter program
Catholic Charities
St. Dorothy’s Rest
ERD for Nepal Earthquake
ERD for South Carolina flooding
Doctors Without Borders
ERD Nets for Life
GAIA – Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance

GAIA was founded in response to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. GAIA provides life-saving services to rural African villages. 

In addition to the budget that the Vestry allocates to the Outreach committee, we try to have a fund raising event to supplement our monies to help offset the general budget.
In the past we have had successful rummage sales, Fall Fling dinners, Oktoberfest dinner and auction. In 2015 we had a very successful dinner, raffle, silent and live auction that allowed Outreach to fund three very worthwhile causes as well as complete the remaining allocations for 2015 and the total 2016 allocations for Outreach.

Under this broad umbrella are activities and events that reach out to the broader community, as well Social Justice work undertaken in the spirit of Jesus’ mandate to help “the least of these.”

This includes the following:

  • Hosting the Kenwood Farmers Market during the summer months on Sundays in our front parking lot.
  • Wednesday Café, when all are welcome to stop by the church for coffee, pastries and conversation.
  • Yoga classes on Wednesday mornings in Stevenson Hall.
  • Participating in the Kenwood 4th of July festivities by marching in the parade and afterward hosting a free lemonade stand in Plaza Park.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Dinner.
  • The Harvest Festival.
  • The rummage sale every other year, which draws people from around the county.
  • The Gun Violence Prevention Group. Led by Deacon Marcia Tyriver, this group participates in educational activities both at St. Patrick’s and in other venues around the county, to educated people about ways to reduce gun violence. All actions taken are within the guidelines provided by the IRS and the Episcopal Church.
  • In early November of 2016 two of our parishioners heeded the call from the Episcopal Church to go to the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota and stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. They were among more than 500 Episcopal clergy and laypeople, and although it was a long, cold journey, they felt it was one of the most important things they’ve ever done.


The Property Committee for St. Patrick's was formed in 2016 to enable comprehensive stewardship for all physical aspects of St. Patrick's buildings, grounds and equipment. Lead by Vestry member Chuck Wood this committee works with established committees and guilds within St. Patrick's that have property-related functions (such as the Memorial Garden Guild and the Landscaping advisory committee), as well as the Finance Committee, to facilitate planned and prioritized property-related expenditures.

Although there is not a standing roster of committee members, nor a set meeting schedule, a small cadre of knowledgeable congregation members assists with property-related issues on an ad-hoc basis.

The Property Commission's mission is to facilitate St. Patrick's achieving the following purposes for its buildings, grounds and equipment:

  • The property and its components must enable St. Patrick's to achieve its Mission and goals;
  • The property must help create a pleasing and aesthetic environment for worshipers and visitors;
  • The property must perform in a financially sound and balanced manner within the constraints of St. Patrick's financial means.